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There will be times when your pup will need a place to stay other than your home, so bring them to ours! Here your pup will get to play, eat, and sleep with the rest of our pack without the stress of a kennel environment. You provide the food and we will provide the love!

1st dog- $40/day

Additional dog- $35/day/dog

Because we want to do our best to keep your pup as carefree and happy as possible during their stay, we do have the following requirements for all the pups that come to Proper Pup:

~All pups are required to get along with other dogs and cats. 

~All pups must be able to be in a crate over night with no issues (whining, barking, etc).  

~All pups must also have the following vaccines for at least 10 days before their stay: Rabies, Distemper Combo, Bordetella, & Canine Influenza

~All new pups must do a trail run to make sure they will be happy and comfortable here.

Fill out the info below and we will contact you!

Pet Parent's First & Last Name*

Pet Parent's Address*

Pet Parent's City, State, Zip Code*

Pet Parent's Email*

Pet Parent's Phone Number*

Pup's Name*

Pup's Birth Date*

Pup’s Breed(s)*

Is your pup an indoor or outdoor dog?*

Pup's Gender*

Is your pup Spay/Neutered?*

Any health conditions we should know about (example: moles/bumps, heart conditions, diabetes etc.)? Please list:*

Any allergies that we should know about (i.e. food, environmental)? Please list:*

Is your pup on heartworm and/or flea prevention?*

Is your pup taking medications? Please list:*

How does your pup do in a crate? (Check all that apply.)*

Please check off any that apply to your pup (Check all that apply.)*

Describe any aggression*

Is your pup friendly with other dogs?*

Is your pup friendly with cats?*

Please check what services you are interested in.*

Date(s) needed:*

~~All boarders are required to get along with other dogs and cats. All boarders must also have the following vaccines for at least 2 weeks before their stay: Distemper Combo Vaccine (annual), Rabies Vaccine (1 or 3 year), Bordetella Vaccine (every 6 months), Canine Influenza (H3N2/H3N8) Vaccine.~~

Q & A:

Q: What do I need to bring for my pup's boarding stay?

A: All that is needed is your pup's leash, collar, food, favorite treats, and whatever medication your pup may need during their stay. We have everything else here to make your pup's stay a good one!

Q: How can I make my pup's stay as stress free as possible?

A: In general, we do our best to keep things stress free here, however being in a new environment can always come with it's struggles so we recommend bringing your pup's favorite blanket and toy. We also recommend having your pup on a probiotic before and during their stay. It also never hurts to have your pup come to daycare a couple times before their stay!

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